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Funny Onesies for Adults

We LOVE our onesies and who says that are just for children? They can be fun and comfortable, which is why they are so popular among adults as well. Today we wanted to list some of our favorite adult onesies. They are great for any occasion and I think we can all agree, they're definitely funny!

First up in our list is the classic shark pajamas. Equipped with funs on the back and a hoodie that looks like a shark head, it's perfect for a costume party or even just for napping in.

This particular item even has extra long sleeves for you to wrap your hands in so that they look like fins! You can view this kiguruimi here:


Moooooooove over shark, next up on our list of funny onesie pajamas is the cow! You will utterly love this one, unfortunately real udders are not included with the purchase. The pajamas are buttoned up on the front the make it very easy to get in and out of. If you're more into land creatures then this is the perfect one for you!

You can get yours here: https://bosscomfort.com/collections/adult-onesies/products/adult-cow-kigurumi-onesie-pajamas

This of course isn't the full list of all the great and fun onesies that we have. Head one over to our collection page to view even more.