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Top 5 Animal Onesies for Adults

Onesie season is just around the corner, so now is the time to start thinking about you might want. Hands down the most popular brand of onesie is the Animal kigurumi. If you've never heard of this term before, kigurumis are simply a style of Japanese onesie pajamas. They're usually fun, cute and are designed like animals or other crazy magical creatures. In the past 10 years this style of pajama has exploded in popularity and are often used at costume parties because of their "over the top" designs. Today i'm going to list the top 5 most popular animal onesies for adults to get your jump started in your search!

#1: Adult Panda Onesie


Who doesn't love Pandas? These adorable design features a hood with panda ears, as well as a cute little tail on the back of the onesie. If you are looking for something cute and more low key, this is our top pick! Even though a girl is feature in the photo, its a very popular one for guys as well. What are you waiting for? Check it out!

#2 Adult Cow Onesie


Moooooooove over panda, next up is the COW! You might not think of this as being one of the most popular designs, but with the cute tail, simple color scheme, and recognizable face, the cow is a perfect choice! It even includes yellow horns!

#3 Adult Leopard Pegasus Onesie


What happens when you combine a fierce predator with a mythical creature? The perfect kigurumi! This leopard pegasus onesie is a favorite among adults because of how much it stands out. The pink tail, yellow horn, and spotted print will make sure you are noticed at any occasion.

#4 Adult Pig Onesie

My personal favorite... the pig! No, pigs don't always roll around in the mud and look dirty. In fact, they can be down right cute which is exactly what this kigurumi is going for! With hearts on the cheek, and a vibrant pink color, this one is perfect for women looking to cuddle up in something warm.

#5 Adult Pink Unicorn Kigurumi

Okay, so maybe this is more of a mythical creature than an animal, but we had to include it on the list due to its popularity. The unicorn trend has absolutely exploded as of late, making this pink unicorn onesie an extremely HOT product. It even has wings on the back, but don't expect it to make you fly.


Alright that's it for our list of the top onesies for adults designed like animals! I hope you enjoyed this list and have some new ideas for what to dress up in. Whether its for a custom party, or just to lounge around in on a Sunday morning.